Interview with Dante Camacho

In 2008 for the first time in the history of the Brazilian Agility, we had a team competing at the European Open. The location was Gelsenkirchen, in Germany and Dante Camacho was there to represent our colors.

Dante, who is now living at Canada, got the 8th place at Large with his Border Collie Smeagal. What a great way for Brazil to debut in this championship, where are competing the best teams in the world.†

That is why we chose Dante Camacho for our second interview about the EO.

CBA: Dante, youíve got an experience at the EO. How is the atmosphere in this competition?
Dante: I went at the EO in Germany, 2008. The atmosphere of the competition is really fun, lots of people and lot of dogs all around, and as an outdoor event it had a lot of space for the dogs and we even watched some courses with our dogs. This year at Belgium I believe that as it will be indoor we will have less space for it.

CBA: How was the experience inside the courses?
Dante: The experience inside the courses was really good, I felt relaxed and the fact that we needed to qualify for the final didnít seem to change anything for me, so I could compete without much pressure. One of the reasons is the fact that there were a lot of courses at the same time, so we werenít the center of the attentions everytime we entered some course.

CBA: Have you ever participated of some international competition before? Can you compare the experiences?
Dante: I did participate of the Americas & Caribe and some Agility World Championships, both are really different because there is just one course where everything happens and youíre the center of the attentions. The number of competitors is smaller and the level of the competitors is little bit higher. The fact that each country can bring a big number of competitors brings to the EO some not so experienced handlers.

The Agility World Championship has his own dynamic and it seems to have some electricity in the air, during the runs the public is always participating.

At the EO the emotion seems to be reserved for the big final and the other runs are more like regular competitions.†

Look Dante and Smeagal in action in 2008. 8th place!

Dante will be at the EO again this year, but this time competing for Canada.
Besides, he will be at the 7th International Workshop of Agility in Troisdorf, between the days 22 e 24 of July, just before the competition.At his side will be AlenMarekovic (CRO), Hinky Nickels (LUX), Sergio Souza (POR), Elicia Calhoun (USA), Steffen Ruschinsky (GER) e Sabine Zepf (GER).

We wish luck for Dante in this year edition!

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